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Message started by achock on Feb 8th, 2002 at 8:38am

Title: Sheet music links
Post by achock on Feb 8th, 2002 at 8:38am
Hey Uke aficionados,

We had the beginings of a "music resource" section going on our previous messageboard.

Just a section where people could post links to sheet music or ask others if they knew where to get a particular song.

Seems like a natural thing to have on any Ukulele site, so here are a few to start us out:

*Please post any of your favorites here





Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by mike chock on Feb 22nd, 2002 at 10:49am
yo out there...now if I can do it     anybody can so heres a first from an all thumbs beginner:

try dis cool Jazzlike Progression! Sorry no got tablature or chord fingering chart but pull out yer chord reference books and check this out!

In the Key of G

try dis:  start wid Gmaj.  4 beats  then Emin7 4 beats then Amin7 4 beats and end up with D7...ok  thats my one measure wonder good for at least 10 seconds...but if you play sequence in other positions...the measure stretched to 30 seconds...throw in some arpeggios and add another 30....this could keep you mildly entertained.

ok  nother measure...next sequence:

start with Bmin7   go to  E7   then Amin7 and back home to a D7...we is winging   hola   another 10 seconds.

Figured can learn  at least 6 chords in these 2 measures and if we memorize different chord positions..3 per chord as at least 18 new sounds we can string together....yup    not a musician....but  am  easily amused...check it out and let me know how its working out...figured this way..after pau a new uke at least when I'm tuning  I know a bit more than my dog has fleas.....laters ukeman

Title: : Sheet music links
Post by mike chock on Mar 8th, 2002 at 11:15am
been fooling around with another progression...

goes like this in the Key of F

f  for 4 beats     dm  for 4 mo  Bb6 for 4 mo  then C7

sounding a bit familiar?

its a I  ... VI ....IV ....V  progression  and all yer oldies but goodies kinda use this progression or variations of it.

can use any key   jes keep the progression going in order then change em around but the chords are all nice

laters   ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by grasshopper on Mar 12th, 2002 at 8:20pm
Hey y'all,

Just thought I'd let y'all know that a new Ukulele Masters book by Herb Ohta (Ohta-san) is out.  Its  by the same guy that put the Lyle Ritz book out last year (Jumpin' Jim Beloff).  So similar to that book, it comes with the chord book and a CD of most of the songs in the book.  Got mine at Costco in Waipio for $15.99.  Regular price on book is $24.95 so guess I saved a skosh.  ;D  Anyways, will be trying it out.  Just thought I'd let you know.

Keep yer strings tight and fingers loose,


Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by mike chock on Apr 1st, 2002 at 10:31am
Back from the big island.....wow really choke busy at the airport and going be even more radical this week since the Merry Monarch is going get started...Shit  i had to take my shoes off at the security check and put them thru the X-ray machine.....wots that about.....next time slippahs....hey went to Costco 's Hawaii Kai and got me Otah Sans Book and at the same price that Grasshopper gots his for....consistant them Costco folks. Its a real nice and cheap book/C.D. unit..Like a 16.00 dollar lesson from Ohta san...that lasts for hours,,,,,days.....weeks   what evers. Working on a song this week and its cool to have the C.D. so can listen to how should sound....but book is really well done..Now alls I need is someone to come out with the same kind book/ ...C.D.    ....but gentlemen  hows about some Elton John...Cat Stevens...Jon Sebastion...some James Taylor...Roberta Flack...like dat....what  missed our generation or what...Think later  bruddah Jake will have Cream , Hendrix and Clapton down....but hows about some mellow stuff........laters  ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by mike chock on Apr 2nd, 2002 at 12:29pm
wow....a special report:      that Ohta San songbook is really righteous....started learning Georgia on My Mind...Aint no Ray Charles  ..but the chording and Melody is really pretty and ain't that hard in the key of F...Too bad he never record this song on his accompanying C.D.  Anyhow its a real nice one along with  the oldie...When I Fall In Love...  Ok new Goal is to learn these two songs and memorize em...hey Grasshopper...you got the book too...what say a duet...I mean ya got stage experience and den.......laters   ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by grasshopper on Apr 2nd, 2002 at 7:48pm
Yup, Got it!!!  Move over Jake!!!  hehehe.  ;)  Yeah right, I had the back of the stage experience.  8)  But will try those out, if'n I can figure out how's them songs go.  Think I kinda heard Georgia before but the other one? I aint that old!!!  ;D  Will see if I can remember how to read them notes in those lines.  Been a while for that too.  But thinks me 9 year old daughter can play um on the piano for me.  Tell you what, I got the rhythm and you can take lead.  Keep a pluckin.


Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by mike chock on Apr 3rd, 2002 at 11:04am
yo hoppah san......the old note reading aid.....spaces between the lines    F    A    C   E    

the lines themselves starting from the bottom:

E   very
G   ood
B    oy
D    oes
F     ine

Yeah   the reading part is one thing and finding the notes on the uke is another...but if ya look for the nearest note  in the chord area     ...most likely ass the one you going play......shit  am i that old ....Georgia On My Mind is a Classic  soulful tune.....and If I Fall In Love...wow youre right maybe Judy Garland or some ancient musical had this song in it....but must admit...I  do remember the melody.......of course the 2 songs i wen choose no stay on Ohta Sans sample C.D......oh by the way  drop by the shop I have  some pure Lambs wool that I picked up in the Big Island...try em  for da french polishing fad.....laters  ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by grasshopper on Apr 4th, 2002 at 5:03pm
Yo Ukeman,

Just wanted to say again much mahalos for the wool.  Will definitely give it a whirl on the next go round.  Also, keep on practicing those songs and I'll get your backup.

Thanks again,

Title: [url][/url]Re: Sheet music links
Post by Minifac on Apr 17th, 2002 at 6:34pm
Hey guys and gals,
Check out this website which has an interactive chord finder.  http://www.sheep-entertainment.nl/ukulele/chordfinder.html

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by ukeman on Jun 6th, 2002 at 11:37am
Hey people...jes bought a music book on basic chord theory and note and chord formation....THis ones a winnah  cus its easy to read and makes alot of sense...in one reading you can understand every major scale in every key  sharps and flats included  with a minimum of memorization...yup    cant avoid the memorizing part....left it at home so i cant remember the title....but will post it next week

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by ukeman on Jun 20th, 2002 at 1:40pm
Heres an amazing chord finder for your ukes...submitted by Curtis Tano on one of his many forays into website browsing:

check out:   http//www.sheep-entertainment.nl/ukulele/chordfinder.html

what a genius!  Just point and press and viola  any chord you like just appears on the fingerboard.

laters   ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by Minifac on Jun 22nd, 2002 at 6:17pm
Hey uke players,
I found this site that has a awesome chord generator


Go to the home page for guitars and other instruments.

Happy strumming  ;D

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by achock on Jun 25th, 2002 at 8:36am
Oh Damn,  :o that is cool!  This guy knows his math/programming/music theory.  Very clean and easy to use.


Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by Minifac on Sep 22nd, 2002 at 9:02pm
Found an interesting website today and I thought I might share it with some of you... :)

Ukulele music to the Beatles songs.

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by ukeman on Sep 23rd, 2002 at 2:31pm
minifac......oh  wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  tried to list 2 songs from that site and will go home and try practise to see if can play along....if works which I'm sure it will...guess I'll be in Beatle Heaven for months on end....greaT  find....mahalo much.....laters  ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by urusai on May 16th, 2003 at 3:59pm
Hi everyone,

http://polaka.tripod.com has lots of great ukulele sheets and some of the Ka'au Crater Boys songs even got tabs!  8)

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by ukeman on Sep 4th, 2003 at 2:48pm
aloha people: Here it is the Music Learning Calender for the Month of September: All held at Windward Community College:

Slack Key Beginnners: Ron Loo. Sept. 9th thru Oct. 14th 5:30 pm to 7pm Tuesday evenings. Cost: $55.00

Slack Key Intermediates: George Kuo Oct.9th thru Oct. 30th
time: 7pm to 9pm Thursday Evenings Cost: $100.00

Beginning Uke and THEORY: Byron Yasui Sept. 13 thru Oct. 11th Time: 10am  to 11:30 am Saturdays Cost: $120.00

For other Classes call Windward Community College...The Hawaii Music Institute 235-7433

Or check this website: www.hawaiimusicinstitute.com

laters    ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by ukeman on Oct 9th, 2003 at 11:42am
hey people...this website and reveiw was given to me by Miki Browne, president of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii:
A Beatles song site at www.4rmj.com/rick/beatlesite.

also check this site: www.boingboing.net

have fun     ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by ukeman on Dec 3rd, 2003 at 10:31am
Aloha all:
A new Hawaiian Songbook is hot off the press. It's called He Mele Aloha and is a collection of over 260 Hawaiian songs of which about 40 are classic hapa-haole numbers. The emphasis on this book is accurate Hawaiian lyrics and translations along with simple chordings and fingerings for each song.All chording is for the 'ukulele tuned to G C E A...how nice. This book is available through UGH member Kimo Hussey, an awesome 'ukulele player in his own right, and retails for 24.95   like about 9 cents per song....contact kimo at this address:
james.hussey@hickam.al.mil   or check out http://www.booklineshawaii.com/book/bmu/256404.html

laters  ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by juke on Jun 23rd, 2004 at 4:24am
Here's anudda link wit a big bunch o uke tunes.  Nice selection, but wow, get ready for d pop ups  ;D

Title: Music, Chords, & Chops links
Post by msrvfx on Mar 28th, 2005 at 1:54pm
Hi Asa & UkeMan -

First I want to thank you for all of the great info you have shared about building. Getting closer!. Got the universal bender finished and the forms for the cutaway tenor. Sweet!

On to music...UkeMan, I've got to be as old as you judging from the songs you dig. I have been having a terrific time playing chops on the Eagles "Hotel California". You're going to dig it.

Intro :     Am-E7-G-D-F-C-Dm-E7      /    Am-E7-G-D-F-C-Dm-E7

Verse 1  
Am                                          E7
On a dark desert highway,       cool wind in my hair,
G                                D
warm smell of colitas rising up through the air.
F                                          C
Up ahead in the distance,      I saw a shimmering light,
my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim,
I had to stay for the night.

Verse  2  
Am                                                   E7
There she stood in the doorway,      I heard the mission bell,
and I was thinking to myself
this could be heaven or this could be hell
then she lit up a candle,      and she showed me the way,
Dm                                                          E7
there were voices down the corridor,       I thought I heard them say.

F                                   C                Dm
“Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place,
        Such a lovely face.
F                                         C                 Dm
Plenty of room at the Hotel California,   any time of year
       You can find it here.“

Verse 3
Am                                             E7
Her mind is Tiffany twisted,      she got the Mercedes Benz,
G                                                         D
She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys ,    that she calls friends.
F                                                    C
How they dance in the courtyard- sweet summer sweat,
Dm                                           E7
Some dance to remember,       some dance to forget…..

Verse 4
Am                                           E7
So I called up the captain,       “Please bring me some wine!“
G                                                                D
(He said,) “We haven’t had this spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine.“ …
F                                                              C
And still those voices are calling from fa-arr away,
Dm                                                               E7
wake you up in the middle of the night,        just to hear them say.

F                                   C                   Dm
“Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place,
        Such a lovely face.
F                           C                         Dm
Living it up at the Hotel California,   what a nice surprise
       When you’re out of lies. (Leave your alibias)

Verse 5
Am                                  E7
Mirrors on the ceiling,      they drink pink champagne on ice.
G                                                    D
“We are all just prisoners here      of our own device.“
F                                             C
In the master`s chambers,     they gathered for the feast….
Dm                                                  E7
They stab it with their steely knives but they just can`t kill the beast.

Verse 6
Am                                     E7
Last thing I remember,      I was running for the door,
G                                            D/F#m
I had to get my passage back to the place I was before.
F                                                 C
“Relax“, said the night man,     “we are programmed to receive,
Dm                                                           E7
You can check out any time you like,       but you can never leave!“

Instrumental Outro >  

Am-E7   G-D/F#m   F-C    Dm-E7    

Am@-E7@    G@-D/F#m@   F@-C@    Dm@-E7@  

Am-E7-G-D-F-C-Dm-E7      Am>E7>G>D>F>C>Dm>E7  

Start to fade out here
Am-E7-G-D/F#m-F-C-Dm-E7  ............

"/" = pause after downstroke      "@" = arpeggio here      
">" = play right through
"D/F#m"  means play the D, and on the last strum slide index up to F#m.

To make it really fun, I've added a good pickup, so I'm amped too. For those looking to electrify their ukes, without spending a fortune, I can highly recommend teh K&K Big Shot pizeo pickup.
It is responsive and very thin. Thin enough to place it under the strings and in front of the bridge, which I find to be the ideal location. Rock on!

Also...for finding chord variations online, I really like:
It has four tunings for ukulele, and variations for complexity.

For  a  really good link for music, check out:

On chords, and chord progressions....I am sometime interested in finding interresting progressions, that happen to be conveniently located close to each other. Give this progression a shot.
4/4 timing.

C /  Cma7 /C7 / A7
C / Em / B7 / Bbma7
G / D / F#m / D7 /


Spank that Uke!

Mark in Portland

Title: Re: : Sheet music links
Post by rcelley on Sep 20th, 2005 at 6:18pm
that's what lots of guitar players know as "the Stand By Me" progression. Y'know: When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light I see, yadayadayada... oh darling stand by me. The minor of the VI is often called the relative minor. With the I, IV, V and their 7th forms, their minor forms and their relative minors(all are always the minor chord form three frets down) you can play about 75 percent of all music in rock, blues, country and many different folk styles as well. If you can't figure out a chord from those try the flat III or the flat VII as in the Hotel California use of C and G in the key of A that's charted out just above (thanks for that by the way). At least you can fake your way through pretty good.

For instance and just because I never see this one charted out. C - G7 - C - F - C - G7 - C = Happy Birthday. So that's  I - IV7 - I - V -I - IV7 - I.

wrote on Mar 8th, 2002 at 11:15am:
been fooling around with another progression...

goes like this in the Key of F

f  for 4 beats     dm  for 4 mo  Bb6 for 4 mo  then C7

sounding a bit familiar?

its a I  ... VI ....IV ....V  progression  and all yer oldies but goodies kinda use this progression or variations of it.

can use any key   jes keep the progression going in order then change em around but the chords are all nice

laters   ukeman

Title: Re: Sheet music links
Post by Bud on Jun 6th, 2006 at 6:27pm
Here are a few links Ive found with tabed ukulele music,

I had a learn to play book that I started with but began to loose interest due to the limited songs, These links have quite a few songs plus some contemporary songs as well...More than I think anyone would be able to find in any store... Now I have more than enough music to keep me interested and challenged... Hope this helps anyone here as much as it did me!


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