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Message started by Kanikapila on Apr 21st, 2003 at 7:59pm

Title: Question for those of you who have a ukulele shop
Post by Kanikapila on Apr 21st, 2003 at 7:59pm

If any of you who run a ukulele building shop fulltime if you need a extra worker e-mail me at kanikapilakanaka@hotmail.com I'm looking for work and I'm familiar with all the building process from start to finish.


Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by ukeman on Jul 12th, 2003 at 12:27pm
aloha....thouight it would be a good idea to use this heading " Questions for those who own a ukulele shop " to discuss recommended start up shop tools.

My workhorse of power tools is my Rockwell Unisaw with 10" blade capacity...this is my primary recommended tool.

For those planning to mill...a !6" bandsaw with riser extention is a must...Jet or Delta with at least 1 horse power motor...nice add on is the carter bearing guides..and a carter quick release tentioner.

The drill press is next on my list.

The chop saw and or Radial arm saw is nice...one or the other is fine.

Power handtools:

laminate trimmers
Palm sanders: reciprocal and orbital
1 and 1/2 horse minimum router

luxury powertools:
Oscillating sander
Belt sander or edger
scroll saw

Fein vacuum cleaner.

whats your shop set-up like....whats your most favorite workhorse tool?

laters   ukeman

Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by RCHawaii on Apr 13th, 2004 at 7:28pm
OK- So I don't have a "shop" but hey doesn't hurt to show people without a shop you can still make a uke! In other words a "shop" Is definitely not a requirement.

I have and just used the following tools to make my own Tenor;

Sears Jig Saw
Craftsman MiterSaw (About 10 years old?)
Sears drill with varying bits.
Lots of Sandpaper of varying grades
Utility knives
My most used and maybe most useful tool? My Tape Measure!
OH! Almost forgot an old electric Planer to make the Koa Fretboard!

Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by ukeman on Apr 20th, 2004 at 11:14am
Aloha RC....You make a good point about building and equipment needs for luthier construction. It is not necessary to power up replete with table saws, bandsaws, routers, trimmers,chopsaws, radial arm saws, sanders and drill press as well as the host of accompanying hand held power tools. Good SHARPENED and HONED handtools will get the job done and a kitchen table will suffice. The handbuilding process is nicely outlined in Campiano and Natleson's book and history proves that great luthiers did not have all the modern conveniences available to us present day builders.The mainthing is understanding process and sequential  construction and a good deal of focus and patience. The handtools have a bonus in that you can never work too fast or grind and sand too much without being aware of what you are sanding.A good backsaw, chisel set and skew knife with a nice handplane gets wonders done.
I've visited a bunch of shops where power tools are at a minimum but the quality of work is simply awesome. Eventually you get very good at whatever tools you have as you continually use them and refine your process.

My advise is to buy selectively and use what you got until something works better!

laters,  ukeman

Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by juke on Jun 20th, 2004 at 2:23pm
okay, for a newbie what's a good plane that will not break the bank?  If you have to have just one.

Thanks, J

Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by ukeman on Jun 22nd, 2004 at 10:26am
Aloha Juke..

Hey a decent plane that doesn't require a first mortgage is your common stanley smoothing plane..I like the adjustable front end feature that will let the front section of the base plate move for chip clearance.This is a throat adjustment feature.

probably in the fifty dollar range!

Most important is that you sharpen and hone the plane blade...yup...a factory finish isn't good enough! Also you may adjust your plane to ease the base corners, make sure the base is flattened and leveled..a good book on plane use is a must!   ok   hope this helps!    laters  ukeman

other good inexpensive planes are the :
Primus block plane by E.C. Emmerich my favorite!
Lie-Nelson...100.00 range and up!

Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by Bud on Jul 21st, 2006 at 7:58pm
I am in the process of aquiring tools...
I have a 14" Grizzly bandsaw, a Craftsman 10" drill press, Grizzly Ocillating Spindle sander 1/3 hp..., 12" Grizzly Disc sander.
Variable speed Dremel (with router attachements)
Foredom flex shaft with foot speed control (I use to do jewelry)

Almost have enough hand tools to do all I have to do..
Just need a few more minor things..  clamps and such..
I want to get a dust system set up...
Since I have limited space for all this and there are cars sharing it, Im thinking it would be nice to have a dedicated area just for the tools and building of the ukes, storage of wood.. that way I could walk away from something when its in the middle of being glued or whatever and not have to mess with it...
Then I could pick back up when time permits... otherwize Im going to have to move things around constantly...
Not only that but in the winter time here, the garage is very cold... even with heaters... No insulation...  Which I dont think would lend well to any kind of gluing whatsoever... We are talking probably in the 20's to 30 below at times...
So if I had a small shed built, I could insulate it and get some kinda heat in it...
Just makes better sense to me to go that way..
I guess Ill have to save some more pennies...  :o


Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by dkchock on Jul 21st, 2006 at 8:07pm
Say there Bud, I too share my work space with two cars.What I have is a work bench and a shelf which I store my woods, clamps,tools etc...shelves above my workbench , all in all it works out pretty good.throw inabout a dozen surfboards and you got a ukulele shop.  hey just take what is usefull and develope from there.      Aloha

Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by Bud on Jul 22nd, 2006 at 2:29pm

Thanks for the encouragement.... My father-in-law has an awesome little shop in his garage too..
Its sort of a little cubby hole in the back..... some makeshift walls around it... and just enough space for him and maybe one other to manuver around...
I liked the way he had his cupboards set up over his work bench.. he used them as a make shift gobar deck when he had something glueing in regular gobar..
plus having all the space in the actual cupboards... very nice... I have one set of shelves... Im looking for some cupboards to put up instead... maybe move the shelves...
He has all his power tools squeazed into that area.. maybe like 12' X 7', he totally inspired me...
He hadnt built in a couple of years, Im hoping he will get fired up again... He is a martin enthusiast and he does his Ukes in the Martin style... They are beautiful...
Anyway, Im working on it...
Heh, dont have room for a few surfboards myself.. use to have a canoe but thats history...


Title: Re: Question for those of you who have a ukulele s
Post by Hana Lima Ia on Jul 25th, 2006 at 8:59am
Designing a good layout for your shop can make all the difference.  The smaller spaces need special consideration.  Think about getting everything on wheels so you can move around easier.  Use as much vertical space as possible.  Build shelves and cabinets all the way to the ceiling.  Here are a few articles on the subject:



The shop will evolve into what works best as you use it.  I think we will always be changing things around!

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