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Message started by john on May 9th, 2004 at 3:36pm

Title: Kasha specific instructions
Post by john on May 9th, 2004 at 3:36pm
Asa and all, sometime you spoke of having some detailed, Hanalima prepared instructions of the building proccess available.

I have been collectinng all i can from the site and forums and was wondeirng if it is still intended ot compile and printable doc of the Kasha build process.

I have begun some jogs for my first prototype of the plans i bought and was just waonderin if more info is avilable..


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by ukeman on May 10th, 2004 at 1:52pm
aloha john...In answer to your query, Asa and I are completing a manual on Hana Lima "ia sytle 'ukulele construction via our classes. The first dradt is complete but now we need to send the draft to the editors to make and advise changes....rewrite and hopefully off to the printes...the manual is quite large with choke pictures...so its a long process thus far...but it will be forth coming! I Hope.

Kasha construction is only different in soundboard and back board bracing designs...The true Kasha has an offset hole at the upper bout tenor side. Our plans reflect this but are not detailed as far as actual construction...since the construction methods whether spanish or mortise/ tenon or a derivative is up to the builder. You can defineitely build a kasha styled uke from the plans but it is not your first time uke building plan but merely a detailed plan of a Kasha styled soundboard bracing pattern.   hope this helps,  ukeman

Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by john on May 13th, 2004 at 4:08pm
Yes thanks Ukeman thatt helps, will u make it avilable via PDF on the web ?

I have a few different books now and seem to have all needed info on general building.

The questions i have iwth the kasha stuff i guess is just silly questions like how to put bridge clamps on the sound whole if the sound hole is now in the upper treble bout .?

and other susch things, just trying to glean a smuch info as i can without detroying wood ;-)

which i gues sis the best way to find out...

thanks Ukeman.....


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by ukeman on May 21st, 2004 at 12:02pm
aloha John....well now...Kasha building is a good time to be introduced to the marvels of Vacuum clamping!

If ya can't afford a vaccum pump then there are venturi type converters that will turn your air compressor and reverse the function so it will suck, rather than blow air.

Vacuum clamping is cool since ya just need a frame and a membrane, weather stripping to provide air tightness and a hole to suck out the air. Check out the internet under vacuum clmping to give you an idea of how it functions....then you can come up with all sorts of uses for the vacuum clamping method, to include gluing down brdges with out traditional clamps. as soon as i figure out how to post photos..or take em...I will get a photo on da site as an example......laters  ukeman

Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by msrvfx on Jun 23rd, 2004 at 5:37pm
CAa someone direct me to a link with the various designs for the Kasha, depending on the size of the uke?


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by ukeman on Jul 8th, 2004 at 11:56am
Aloha All!
Love the interest in an alternate and viable soundboard bracing system that the Kasha/Schneider plans have generated. There are indeed so many ways to skin the proverbial cat and the more builders willing to expend time and energy into exploring these methods will benefit  'ukulele makers period!

The Michael Kasha/ Richard Schneider design collaboration has been ongoing in guitars for almost 4 decades and students from the late Richard Schneider's famed "Lost Mountain Seminars" abound! I have reproduced the latest guitar Kasha/Schneider plans and downsized them to fit the various 'ukulele sizes: ie baritone, tenor and concert.Bear in mind that the downsizing of the guitar plans to uke sizes leaves us uke builders with a passle of braces..and individual builders can reduce the number of braces to accomodate the size uke that you are building! I intended the plan to be used as a guide faithful to the Kasha design but you as the builder must also use your own judgement and ideas!
Some interesting articles written by Dr. Kasha are available in the Journal of Guitar Acoustics edited by Tim White..A informative VHS format tape is available through the Luthier's Mercantile entitled Tap Tuning or Voicing and has a lecture via the late Richard Schneider discussing Kasha principals and directions in Guitar construction. www.lmii.com

For you uke builders who wanna go the K and S route...post your questions on this board  and let's see if we can get them all answered.....laters  ukeman

Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by Dale Schroeder on Aug 7th, 2004 at 8:39am

Got a question on the kasha bracing.  I notice on your works in progress on the web site here, that the soundboard bracing is different that what you sent in the plans.  There's only bracing radiating off the bridge plate and none of the funny little stuff all by itself up near where the soundhole goes. Is that bracing pattern for a sideport or are yah just experminting?


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by ukeman on Aug 9th, 2004 at 1:13pm
aloha Dale....Gosh we are in the midst of modifying the kasha plans that are available on the site! Its a slow process as the auto cad program is a bear and my architect who is tresponsible for these awesome cad plans is supah busy earning a living....but the plans are at his place and over time each plan will be modified!

Ok the Kasha bracing reflected on the plans Baritone and tenor are true Kasha/Schneider plans accurately downsized from the lastest guitar plans.These have 6 tone bars radiating from the bridge patch toward the upper bout and 6 more toward the lower bout...on each end of the bridge patch you have 2 diagonal bars .

The curved dampening bars with the 2 thin tone bars are located on the plan on the tenor side of the upper and lower bout!  This plan works...but I felt thats a whole passel of bars for such a small box.

The plan shows a curved archers bow waist bar...which now doesnt exist as that bar would be for a centerhole Kasha..not the true offset hole as the plan shows.If ya want additional support you an use the waist bar but it will be placed adjacent to the end of your heel table of your neck kinda in line with the offset soundhole and only 1/2 the bar is used. Plced adjacent and below the neck heel table from one end and glued to the soundboard on the flat portion of the bar with the curved end fastened to a side rib column ...opposte the soundhole rib...notched!The side rib column is placed twixt the upper and lower tenalones.Oh this arched bar is laminated using maple veneers about 14 layers thick, epoxied and bent and clamped in a form shaped to the archers bow...really strong. A single bar cut from a single piece is pretty useless as it becomes very weak.

On my ukes I have eliminated 2 of the 6 bars ..upper and lower bouts radiating from the bridge patch and use 4 in lieu of 6 bars and altered the angle to cover a bit more soundboard vertical grain. These bars are extened a bit longer as I dont have a offset soundhole but use sideports...As I extend the braces I also omitted the curved dampening bars as well.....The ukes are still solidly constructed with less bars and the sound is cool! So in a nut shell...yup am guilty of modifying the K and S plans over a ten year period and no doubt will continue to modify which makes the whole thing quite interesting and fun!     ok    laters   ukeman

Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by Dale Schroeder on Aug 10th, 2004 at 5:01pm
Aloha Ukeman,

Ok I think I got it.  I'm building kind of a big concert, but not quite a tenor.  So what I decided to do is use 3 braces each north and south of the bridge plate plus the two small ones on each end.  I'll probably try the side port arrangment and leave out the half bow side brace.  The 16 plys stopped me good on that one.  Not sure what to do on the back, do you use just a standard ladder bracing?  If this turns out good I'll post a pic on your site.  Sure wish I could attend one of your classes.


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by RCHawaii on Aug 11th, 2004 at 7:33pm
This is my baritone modifications to the Kasha bracing for anyone who may or may not be interested :D

Note that the red lines are on the BACK of the uke. I used (on th e bottom brace on the back) a predominant "hump" in the center of the brace as not only did I suspect this might enhance resonance, but also assist in support in the center of the uke. The red rectangle is the 1/8 mahogany ply. The braces are cut out on the bottom center to match the ply and sit flat (There is no curve on my back)

Of note are the placements of the top and bottom (left pic) double radiating pieces on the left side. The top one was moved down, and the two bars jutted outward. The bottom piece was turned a bit downward as well as the two pieces pointing outward.

The pieces radiating from the bridge were also slanted from the outside-in as opposed to the original plan idea.

I also changed the fretboard to show my shape as well. [These pics are modified Cutaway plans] You might notice that not all of the braces hit the bridge plate. They don't on my prototype-I shortened them a bit as needed to leave about a 1/4" gap from the bridge plate to the braces.

Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by ukeman on Aug 20th, 2004 at 1:32pm
aloha guys...finally figured out how to login properly! Actually my son Asa, figured it out...give me an A for dertremination as I fooled with the registration/log-in sequences for 3 days! All's I needed was to capitalize the U in Ukeman...go figure!

Wow...you Kasha/Schneider experimenters ...for back bracings Schneider used a double crossed X- bracing system on his guitars. An x brace at the upper bout and another x brace at the lower bout...the braces were laminated archers bow with about 14 to 16 laminations of veneers, maple, walnut, maple walnut etc. He also arranged a series of tone bars that radiated from the lower bouts center ..two horizontally opposed bars at the lower bout's center 2 bars that angled left and right from lower bout and 2 more that shot up to the upper bouts...will try to get a picture for you at some point in time.

Some of the K/S thinking is mentally dividing the soundboard into treble and bass halves...extending long bass bars (driverbar) to help vibrate that sector and shorter treble bars to handle the treble side. All bars radiate from the perimeter of the assymetrical bridge. The distance that the bars are placed away from or closer to the imaginery saddle line of the bridge affects the response and sustain of the instrument.

The offset soundhole gave the builder more vibrational areas in the soundboard as opposed to the center hole with the upper and lower transverse bars limiting the area of vibration...an offset hole also allows installation of frets past the limits to the top of a traditional soundhole...24 fret, 2 octave ukes can be made...hmmm  longer neck scale will make the fret spacing up there a bit more useable.OK working on a project like this as we speak...ha!

Ok laters all ukeman

Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by Matt Blacka on Mar 13th, 2008 at 12:15pm
Hi all,

I've been doing some reading of all of the Kasha based posts, but can't find the answers to a couple questions. This seemed like the best section to post my questions.

1) The tenor modified Kasha plans from Hana Lima Ia show two soundboard bars (labelled PP I think) that are curved. Are these bars just bent to that shape while being glued to the soundboard, or should they be pre bent to that shape using some sort of heating/steaming technique or lamination?

2) By cutting a sideport into a bent (and therefore somewhat brittle) side, I assume this weakens the side and makes a heap of end grains just waiting to open into a split along the grain of the sidewood. What type of strengthening techniques are people using around their sideports? I'm thinking a cross-grain patch much like a soundboard soundhole, but this would have to be placed before the instrument is boxed up, wouldn't it?? Or even just some side re-inforcing strips of similar thickness and size to the backboard grafts (but grain line the other way) placed either side of the hole could work?

Any way, I look forward to hearing your responses.


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by unkabob on Mar 22nd, 2008 at 9:58am
You could consider applying a patch under the upper bout clamp in the holding jig. If you keep it thin (0.050) and cross the grain, you should get the strength required without having to bend the patch.

I have not done it but it sounds doable.


Title: Re: Kasha specific instructions
Post by Matt Blacka on Mar 22nd, 2008 at 10:43pm
Another question I've just thought of while drawing CAD plans for my modified kasha uke:

Do the beads holding the strings in place on the inside of the uke at the bridge (with a through bridge type connection) ever get caught up or pull on the radiating braces on the inside of the soundboard? Looking at my plans (which are basically the same as the Hana Lima Tenor Plans), when I overlay the bridge and locations where the strings pass through the bridge, onto the bridge patch and bracing plan, it all looks pretty messy there. There isn't a lot of room for the beads at the string ends to seat nicely on the inside of the soundboard.

I've seen some of the "in progress" pics that Mike and Asa have on their website, and read Mike's posts about reducing the number of radiating braces for his Kasha ukes, which at  a glance looks like it would get around any problems with the string attachment beads pulling against the braces.

If anyone has had experiences with this I would be greatful to hear your responses.



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