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Message started by RCHawaii on Jul 7th, 2004 at 1:22pm

Title: Meeting with Hana Lima 'Ia
Post by RCHawaii on Jul 7th, 2004 at 1:22pm
I wanted to publicly (public as it is here lol) thank Asa and Mike for their generous time with me and my family yesterday at their shop. I enjoyed the visit very much as did my family.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any prints with us, which we fully regretted when we left or stationary. We plan on getting some to you-may make a good excuse for another visit.

I enjoyed talking to Asa although briefly about the state of the Uke in Hawaii. It's really something that needs more attention and hopefully Mike and the UGH will be able to give it it's due time in the limelight and further the future of the ukulele- I certainly know Mike is capable.

Mike, I appreciate your candor as well speaking to me about the sound of the uke as well as how they're built is very comforting- so many people are just building ukes that sound isn't the priority, which is not the case coming from you-that I know.

Perhaps that's a part of why the uke lost its "serious" interest in the past because so many were made for tourists and the sound quality was lost so it became less a "real" Instrument. Perhaps that's why folks like Tiny Tim and many local past artists were so adored when they played the uke too, because people were amazed at the sound they gleaned from their ukes.

In any case, I think it would be fun to have a long discussion about the history, future and state of the uke. A "State of the Uke" address would be fun.

Thank you Asa for the UGH info as well.  If the UGH needs help on the web, I am offering my services for free. I have many web abilities and experience is self-taught, but I have web authoring software, experience with two forum packages and can build a website rather quickly. I would be extremely happy to help in that regard in any way I can to further the cause of the UGH and of course I will continue to support Hana Lima 'Ia in any way I can.. as It' may well be the cornerstone of not only the UGH but the future of the ukulele in Hawaii.

Title: Re: Meeting with Hana Lima 'Ia
Post by achock on Jul 8th, 2004 at 9:20pm
It was nice to finally meet you!!

Careful what you wish for, UGH can always use more help.  The web site is currently being redesigned by a UGH volunteer.  So far everything looks great!  Of course, the more work that goes into it the better it will be  ;)


Title: Re: Meeting with Hana Lima 'Ia
Post by RCHawaii on Jul 12th, 2004 at 5:35pm
Did I mention how much I like this new logo you're sporting? :D

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