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Message started by killin5 on Sep 12th, 2004 at 3:25am

Title: My Bender Bent
Post by killin5 on Sep 12th, 2004 at 3:25am
Well I attempted to bend the sides for my tenor uke this weekend.

I soaked the first side for about 30 minutes so it was good and wet. I had built a modified Fox Bender and was using light bulbs controlled with a dimmer switch.

As I was cranking down the waist, I heard a pop. :o At first I thought I may have cracked the wood, so I wetted things down some more and continued. I then got to thinking that the pop was not the noise I was expecting to hear if the wood cracked. I finished the bend.

After the bend was complete, I turned the bender over to look at the underside. As I had suspected, the metal sheet I had used over the top of the bender had caved in between the waist and the lower bout. At this point I panicked. I didn稚 want to let the wood dry out with it not being in the correct shape. So I pulled the side out and tried to clamp it in my form. I had built a form like is shown in the Dennis Gilbert book. I had trouble getting the inner part of the form to seat into the mold. The problem here was that I had not trimmed enough off the inner side of the plug to make up for the additional wood from the side. ::) I cut the plug into 3 sections. I clamped the upper and lower bout sections into the plug with the side blank.

I知 waiting for the wood to dry a bit more before I pull it out of the mold. I知 a bit concerned that when I put the wood into the mold, I went in a bit crooked. I was more concerned with getting the shape than with the overall alignment. I guess I will see how it worked out when I pull it out of the mold. I知 expecting quite a bit of spring back. I guess I値l need to touch it up with a hot pipe.

I may try to use a pipe for the other side. Although, I may try to fix the bender. I think if I insert a wooden dowel along the edge where the bend occurred, and replace the sheet metal, I will be OK. This dowel would be placed sort of like the heat retaining rods that the LMI benders use. I am thinking that this may add some needed support in that area.

I have to say that the bending process with the bender was quite a bit easier than I thought it would be. If I hadn稚 had the problem with the bender, I think I would have two fairly well bent sides right now.


Title: Re: My Bender Bent
Post by Dominator on Sep 12th, 2004 at 6:44pm
I made the bender you see on this site.  I also had the sheet metal buckle but just slightly.  Not enought to cause any trouble at all.  Sound like yours caved in quite a bit.  

The way you plan to fix it should work just fine.  Put the dowel or maybe two right in the area where it caved.  You should be good to go.
Good luck and let us kow how it turns out.

Title: Re: My Bender Bent
Post by ukeman on Sep 20th, 2004 at 2:26pm
Auwe   and aloha all....

here's a tip...I've got a passle of benders from classical guitars down to pineapple cutaways and i use 3/4 birch or maple 5 ply for the matching sides and 24 or 26 guage galvanized and sometimes stainless (perforated sheetmetal) Sheet metal; width is 5 and 7/8th inch wide and is simply nailed to the forms sides with drywall nails (cupped heads)...these benders have worked well with nary a dent so I suppose that the sheetmetal covering should be in the 24 to 26 guage thickness.
Yup like dominater states adding a few cross dowels or 1/4 round shoe moulding will help stiffen any thin sheetmetal covering and keep it from imploding too!

By the way Dominator..thanks to your transcription of Ohta sans song for anna....I have a nice solo song on my uke that i have actually memorized and play along with Ohta san on his trio CD from Japan...mahalo...also like your UGH donated version of Yesterday...hmmm  a high G player huh?     later guys   ukeman

Title: Re: My Bender Bent
Post by Dominator on Sep 20th, 2004 at 4:53pm
That' great that you were able to learn "Song for Anna".  I will have to go over it again sometime myself and commit it to memory (at least short term memory).

I play with many different tunings as a result of my transcribing.  My version of "Yesterday" is based off of Ohta San's version he recorded in the book sold on the Flea Market Music site.  Though Ohta primarily plays with low G he recorded the CD for the book in re-entrant tuning.  

Still haven't finished my first tenor yet.  I am applying the French Polish right now.  Hopefully, she will be done sooooon.

Title: Re: My Bender Bent
Post by killin5 on Sep 28th, 2004 at 11:58am
I have worked out the problems with my bender. I cut some 1 inch pieces of plywood and attached them just below the sheet metal on the inside of the bender. I put one on each side of the upper bout and one at the waist on the lower bout.

The second side worked like a charm.

I also worked on refining my mold a bit. It made it much easier to get the freshly bent piece in there and clamped.

I soaked the first piece for about 10 minutes and then put it on the upgraded bender. It pretty much fixed the problems.

The metal I used for the bender was stainless stele roofing flashing. I think it was just a bit thin.

So I知 one step closer to assembly.


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