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Message started by Dominator on Oct 31st, 2004 at 10:23am

Title: Temporary Intonation Fix
Post by Dominator on Oct 31st, 2004 at 10:23am
Some of you had asked that I report back after deciding what I was going to do about the intonation being off on the walnut tenor I completed a while back.  

I didn't want to rout a new saddle slot and plug the old channel since I wasn't sure what effect the change in angle the strings would have from the pin to the rear edge of the saddle would make.  So I decided to experiment with a temporary fix to see how effective it would be.  This is what I did.  I shaped a piece or saddle stock with the radius block and cut it so the hieght was the same as the original saddle when it is sitting on top of the bridge.  I used some thin double stick tape on the bottom and on the side of the new saddle.  I stuck it in place.  The original saddle was just a tad higher in the rear so I remove the new saddle assembly and took it to the vise.  I filed a slight bevel on the original saddle so the strings would be breaking at the front of the new saddle piece.  I strung it back up with the same strings and this made a huge difference.  The intonation on all but the C string were so close I do not need to make any adjustments.  The C is just slightly sharp and needs to be filed just a bit.  

I have been playing it for a few hours and do not think it has lost any volume as a result of the saddle sitting on top as opposed to sitting in the bridge.  This also eliminated most of the buzzing I was having.  Not all but a significant difference.  May not look pretty but it did work.
Here is a couple pics.

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