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Message started by msrvfx on May 6th, 2005 at 1:00pm

Title: kasha Ribs?
Post by msrvfx on May 6th, 2005 at 1:00pm
Has anyone worked out a good "quick" process for making up the Kasha ribs.
Do you cut wood the side profile, then slice off the thickness slices?

Also, what woods are you using for your kasha ribs...spruce, Spanish cedar, mahogany?

Mark in Portland

Title: Re: kasha Ribs?
Post by ukeman on Jul 12th, 2005 at 11:10am
aloha Mark!

To answer your kasha brace questions.....precutting a profile would be a quick way..then you cn slice em up like bread! The later Les Rietfors did this method for his uke high arched back ribs. For a soundboard this method would be cool in conjunction with a vacuum press.

My choice of materials for bracing is to match the materials of my soundboard..ergo  spruce top, spruce braces...redwood top redwood braces etc.

My method of kasha brace bars is sized retangular braces....triangulate the sides....glue on board and chisel the tapers. Since the glue-up is with same height bracework the go-bars and deck height is adjusted only once. If I pre shape and taper prior to glue-up...got myself various heights under my go-bar deck...hassle. So a vacuum press jig would be the answer to the preshaped bars!   laters   ukeman

Title: Re: kasha Ribs?
Post by msrvfx on Jul 12th, 2005 at 11:34am
Thanks Ukeman. You're the encyclopedia!

On the vaccum press jig, do you know how much vacuum draw is required for good joining?


Title: Re: kasha Ribs?
Post by ukeman on Jul 26th, 2005 at 10:49am
interesting question......Kawika Hurd has information on gluing and pressure on his website and after perusing his site info the conclusion is that vacuuming forming is not up to clamping pressure specs.... from what i remember the glue people want all kinds of clamping pressure to insure joint stability! In real life i have used vacuuming clamping without any adverse problems and find it awesome for Kasha style bracing without hassleing a passle of go-bars...I feel that a fine matching joint is the most important and tight fit will allow a good joint to be glued up without tremndous clamping presure....anyhow...vacuum clamping has been in use for some time now and each vacuum pump has a specific number of the amount of mercury that it pulls which would equate to a certain amount of pressure...as about as technical as i can get....laters  ukeman

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