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Message started by ukulele_todd on May 10th, 2007 at 6:02pm

Title: Mainlander comes to learn - Where to stay?!
Post by ukulele_todd on May 10th, 2007 at 6:02pm

This post is a little different, but if anyone can give me some ideas, I would really appreciate it!  

I'm coming from the mainland for Hana Lima's 2 week course - June 18 to 29.  I could stay at a hostel, but does anyone know of someone with a room for rent?  Whether its just for a few weeks, or available for months, I'm interested.  It just needs to be close enough for me to take the bus to school.



Title: Re: Mainlander comes to learn - Where to stay?!
Post by konacat on May 10th, 2007 at 9:54pm

Congrats on taking the class. I took it last year and it was great. Mike and Asa are a couple of great people although Mike is pretty old (inside joke..He isn't that old). Sorry but I took my wife and stayed at a hotel and don't have any advice on where to stay. I do have some hints. Get a monthly bus pass for $40.00 for unlimited use. You can get them at 7-11 stores and here is link for other locations. http://www.thebus.org/Fare/adultfare.asp  Normal fares are $2.00 each way and they will be happy to sell you the visitor 4 day pass for $20.00. Try not to skip breakfast because sometimes we never got to lunch. Take plenty of photos to document your journey. Don't worry too much about errors because everyone will make some. The good news is that you can fix almost anything so don't let fear get in your way. Watch carefully during the bending instructions. Take your time when you bend your sides and you will be ok. Don't use the ROS to sand the sides. It can be too aggresive and you could sand though you sides. Don't ask me how I know. ::) After repairs I'm the only one who sees it or cares. A length of string really helps to line things up. Take extra care when measuring your bridge location. Double check the bridge to make sure it didn't move during clamping. It happend to several people. If you have a choice use the press for your frets. I believe it is easier to level vs hammering. Be sure to ask questions as needed. Always double check your measurements twice before you cut. Have fun and don't worry too much. Your ukulele will come looking and sounding better then you expect. Look in the store at all the offerings of kits. If they allow choices go for it. I'm currently building a guitar out of Bubinga and am very happy with the tap tone. I can see a ukulele of Bubinga in my future.



Title: Re: Mainlander comes to learn - Where to stay?!
Post by ukulele_todd on May 19th, 2007 at 8:59am
Thanks for the tips, Philip!

I'm really looking forward to building my own!

Title: Re: Mainlander comes to learn - Where to stay?!
Post by konacat on May 26th, 2007 at 8:32am

Be sure to check out some of the great music while you're on Oahu. Herb Ohta Jr. and David Kamakahi will be playing 6/27 and 6/29 in the Tropics Bar at the Hawaiian Village from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. They really put on a great show and you can sit right in front of them.   Don't miss Taimane Gardner play on the street corner in front of the Pacific Beach Hotel on Friday nights at 9:00pm (unless it rains heavy). She will knock you socks off! She is a very talented and beautiful young lady who is also nice and down to earth.  Another, spot for great music is Chai's Island Bistro at Aloha Tower Market Place. You can sit in the bar and nurse a drink all night and hear great music. They have not released their June schedual yet but here is a link that you can check in June http://www.chaisislandbistro.com/entertainment.html. Check out the local Friday papers for the entertainment for the week. Lots of great music and nice people.

Have Fun  ;D ;D ;D


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