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Title: Students rescued seventy elderly themselves drowni
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to save a drowning 70-year-old uncle, Masashi college high jump in turbulent flow. Struggling old man rescued after the depletion of high-strength Masashi unfortunately drowned, only 21 years old. Kao Chi's parents can not afford to lose the only son of the blow fell ill, has only just been discharged. 
Masashi students and teachers are deeply saddened and shocked. The big boys have seemingly ordinary in human life at stake, but the courage to lend a helping hand, his actions have made him no longer common, as his roommate said, move! Vocational and Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, 2010 student high Masashi, after his hometown Zhang Huai Pa Lake County Chenqiaozhen a group, we found an old man fall into the edge of the village of Hong-jin Irrigation Canal. As the gate was then bottled water for irrigation, deep water, the situation is very critical. 
high Masashi threw himself wholeheartedly into the rushing water to save. After some effort, the old man was saved, but at this time but because the effort Masashi exhausted, can not help themselves, and ultimately unfortunately drowned. 
rescued the elderly called the high forest, animal husbandry, 70 years old this year, and is aiming the same village, lived Masashi neighborhood. Save that for my father and Masashi killed, the high forest, animal husbandry, the son went to the scene, crying meal. 
According to Masashi uncle introduced, Masashi grew very sensible, . 
only son's death

parental grief over sick

introduced, according to Mr. Gao, Masashi's parents now have their forties are all of peasant origin, his family has been poor for Masashi school is not easy. 
Masashi is an only child, summer after second year. home. 
teachers and students are shocked

not want to believe Masashi departure

far away Changzhou teachers and students to know the news, said they could not believe. relationship has been pretty good, did not think (Masashi) suddenly is not in the. According to Jiang teacher introduced the class teacher, the school is aiming at class on time, not late nor leave early,prom dresses, outside the normal college students. Masashi can make people feel his enthusiasm. him that not everyone can make such a brave move! 
Later, the teacher with the students rushed to class teacher Jiang Masashi home to visit his parents.

Title: Re: Students rescued seventy elderly themselves drowni
Post by Hana Lima Ia on Sep 7th, 2011 at 9:26am
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