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Message started by konacat on May 15th, 2012 at 10:54pm

Title: Trials of an amateur builder
Post by konacat on May 15th, 2012 at 10:54pm
I been very slowly working on a guitar for my father and had a great idea. Iíll build a soprano from parts I have laying around to practice my first spray finish.† Boxed it up with some real nice figured mahogany and thought I would use a butt joint on the neck. Flossed the neck nice and tight and started my glue up. Gluing and clamping was a mess and next thing I know the neck moved overnight and my neck was on crooked. Must remember dry fitting should include clamping. Removing the neck went ok but I scorched the wood. Sanded the wood down and now have a bolt on neck.† Changed my wifeís car battery and somehow while returning the tools to the garage I somehow managed to drip some of the baking soda solution on the uke. Found it the next day and nothing will remove it. I will either need to stain the wood a dark color or use dye in the finish to cover the spots. It is a shame because it was really nice with lots of rays. Now I have lost my prepped fret board. How do you lose a fret board? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when starting the soprano I discovered a whole gallon of finish had left the can and spread across my work bench, into a drawer of small parts, and finished down the side to the floor(already dry). Things donít always go as planned but I know I can fix most anything given time.† †† †† ::)


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