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Wood nut/saddle (Read 1646 times)
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Wood nut/saddle
Feb 12th, 2004 at 6:52am
I accidentally broke the corian nut in my Hanalima kit, so I made another out of bacote, an ebony-like wood. It sounds okay.
Is there any reason why you can't make a nut, or a bridge saddle, out of a hardwood like that? My old Kamaka has wood nut/bridge saddle and it sounds okay, too.
Here's a picture of my uke:
Jesse Tinsley
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Re: Wood nut/saddle
Reply #1 - Feb 12th, 2004 at 12:51pm
aloha hapasan....Regarding nut materials the consensus is the material be solid and stable as the string vibrations over a length of time will eventually wear down the nut slots. Many older ukes had koa or hardwood nuts ala ebony, same reasoning as fingerboard material selections...nice and dense and hard cuz wen you play plenty da buggah wea down big time.
ivory is good...expensive and illegal
walrus,and fossilized stuff
den theres bone
micarta, corian and solid surface acyrlic derivitives
So concept is longevity and application is whatever you feel is right for your purposes over time.

Many people think the saddle is slotted for the strings too...but what they see is grooves produced by string vibration over time..so the buggah does wear....laters   ukeman
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