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homemade case-cheap! (Read 1581 times)
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homemade case-cheap!
Feb 23rd, 2004 at 7:32pm
I hesitate to show this off, but here goes...
I needed a case for my second uke, and it's an odd size, mostly too long on the headstock and too wide on the lower bout. I'm not going anywhere special with it, just around town.  I can only build on the cheap, and I can't afford $50-$100 for a case, even if it would fit my uke.
Here's my first try:
This was made from a 2'x8' sheet of 1" thick pink styrofoam (about $7 at Home Depot) and most of a roll of low-quality duct tape (under $3 for 55 yds. at Lowe's).  I cut the foam into 12"x32" pieces and stacked them. The middle four sheets I cut lengthwise and cut the profile out of each before reassembling with spray adhesive. I lined the interior with the fabric from an old pair of sweat pants to prevent abrasion.
Then I cut the top off. I'm still working on a  latch mechanism, probably a bungee cord of some kind, depending on what I can find in the garage.
It would probably survive some travel, but I haven't tried throwing it off the roof yet.
That's it. Ten bucks. Like a junkyard dog, it's ugly, but protective.
Jesse Tinsley
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Re: homemade case-cheap!
Reply #1 - Feb 26th, 2004 at 2:40pm
Hey Jesse I love it!  That is a good way to look at every aspect of 'uke making.  After you understand what you want to achieve, there are usually a few different ways to do it.  The best way is what works for you. 

Another bonus for the Duct tape case is it's inherent camouflage.  As we know, 'uke theft can be a problem.

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