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Ata Damasco, what kind of ukulele he plays... (Read 868 times)

Ata Damasco, what kind of ukulele he plays...
Nov 30th, 2004 at 1:24am
On his newer album...Pa'ina....looks nice tenor...anyone one know who built it or what kind it tis?
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Sheldon Brown

Re: Ata Damasco, what kind of ukulele he plays...
Reply #1 - Mar 8th, 2005 at 12:19pm
Ata played a 6 string Tenor ukulele he picked up from  the MELE UKULELE Store here on Maui, Hawai`i.

It's pretty much a standard Tenor, the difference is, how he plays it. . .   Ata D is a multi-talented musician, self taught and a master on the Piano (no music sheets needed), Ukulele (all type), Guitar and the Upright Bass. 

He is known for his vocal range in Hawaiian music especially falsetto singing in the Ha`i form.  By the way all voices and 3 & 4 part harmonies on 'Pa`ina' was done only by Ata. . .   Great sounding CD, only drawback? Cannot do it live! (need to hire more musicians & vocals)

As you probably already know, on Pa`ina CD, Ata did ALL the musical instrument tracks including an old accordian he found in his garage, with the exception of 3 mele on the CD where lead guitars were added: ( on My Lovely Flower & Kumukahi (Jon Kaonohi Lead guitar) and Green Rose Hula (Jeff Costello lead guitar). 

The steel guitars on 'Pa`ina' was done by Charlie Fukuba of O`ahu, Dwight Tokumoto of Laupahoehoe, Hawai`i, and Vinton Castro of Hana, Maui.  If Ata  had his way 100%, he would've layed down the steel guitar tracks too!!!

'Pa`ina' was recorded naturally at Ululoa Studios in upcountry Maui in a patio setting.  No fancy set-up, and most of the mele were onetakes!  Each song has a very special meaning . . . . and a few of the tracks were recorded with so much emotion that tears were shed mid-way and at the completion of certain mele. (Pua Ahihi, Nani Helena, Na Wehi O Wailuku, Hanohano No Wailuku). . . .  It was my distinct pleasure to have worked with Ata mixing down this CD.


I personally play a KP Ukulele
It's a custom made baritone that
was made for me as a gift.  Check out
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