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Number of Kasha Holes (Read 1021 times)
Mark Roberts

Number of Kasha Holes
Feb 6th, 2005 at 7:08pm
I am getting ready to build my first kasha tenor...cutaway, and i have a question to those with experience.

What happens to the sound when the soundboard hole is on the upper left bout, right around the corner fron a side hole?

I am optioning to have (A) a single sound hole on the upper left bout, or
(B) have  a sound hole on the upper left bout, and a side hole.

Appreciate your comments.

Mark in Portland
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Re: Number of Kasha Holes
Reply #1 - Feb 9th, 2005 at 10:37am
aloha mark,

Let's see if I can help your decision:

Ok  the 2 hole arena...side port plus soundboard. My experience has been awesome combo...I've selected the upper bout side port near the head block and in the curve of the upper bout as a cool place and very strong! I also put a column stiffener on both sides of the soundport running between tentalones or linings, vertically on the inside of the uke sides as stiffeners and support for the sideport.

The soundboard hole has been made usually in the upper bout on the treble side..I guess in your case the area of the cutaway.

The other locations have been in the traditional soundhole area of the uke. Most of the soundhole holes are stencil or design cuts that are not round and not nearly as large as the area of a standard soundhole for a uke. When you do combos the size of the holes combined will be equal to the area of a single sounhole or there about.

Suggest: Box uke first....do your surface sanding on both plates....open the side port first...you can decibel tune if'n you got a decibel reader..go from small hole to a bit bigger for each tuning....when decibel reader is at the range of loudness you like stop. You can continue plate sanding once more and then open up your soundboard  holes...small first and listen to da response.

Post your results.....aloha and out   ukeman
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