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Alternative Strings & Cheap Tuners ?'s (Read 979 times)

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Alternative Strings & Cheap Tuners ?'s
Sep 26th, 2005 at 4:12am
Hi all,

I am looking for help / suggestions for a workshop I am going to be teaching.

Here's what I need:
Does anybody have a good source for "bulk" strings? I am trying to find something very cheap, even looking at fishing line of the right diameter. I need something comparable to the "C" and "E" strings of a Soprano. This is for a simple 2-string canjo/ukulele (along the lines of the simple cigar box guitars/ukes of the depression era)

I also need to find about 15-20 sets of cheap tuning pegs.

I know...we are all always looking for the cheapest price on our supplies. But I am not doing this for my own pocket, I'm trying to keep costs down as low as I can so I can provide these kids with a little instrument building experience for very little cost to them, and show them that virtually anyone can build a fun instrument, with not alot of fancy tools or expense.

I have an opportunity to teach a group of about 30 home schooled kids some basics about instrument building. I will show them some of the "real" ukuleles that I build, as well as some of the "fun" instruments that can be home built. I have a stand-up washtub double bass with weed-whacker strings, some tongue drums, and various ukuleles built from cans, cigar boxes etc... The focus will be primarily on ukuleles and the basics of building stringed instruments.

As a workshop I will help the kids build there own 2-string fretless canjo/ukulele that they will be able to take home with them (and hopefully spark an interest in ukulele or instrument building of some kind). I will provide the basic "kit" and they will do some layout, drilling, simple shaping and assembly. The whole thing will only be about 2-3 hours long.

If anybody has some helpful input on cheap strings and tuning pegs, I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,
"The Uker of OZ"
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Todd&&"The Uker of OZ"
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Re: Alternative Strings & Cheap Tuners ?'s
Reply #1 - Oct 5th, 2005 at 3:13pm
aloha todd....hmmmmm....for tuners mayhaps get in touch with your grover distrinuter...they make an inexpensive friction tuner....for strings...with a bit of trail and error fishing line is an excellent choice...tho  stick with Flourocarbon lines...best made and trued and still a cheap cost once you get your diameters correct for your preferred tunings...check out a set ofuke strings..measure existing diameters for each and try flourocarbon substitutes in smaller or larger diameters and pick the ones that you like...ok  hope this helps  laters and aloha  ukeman
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