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I like Uggs (Read 916 times)
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I like Uggs
Aug 3rd, 2011 at 4:37pm
Since a few famous celebrities were pictured on magazine pages wearing a strange sheepskin boot, Ugg boots or "Uggs" have shot to the top tier of the fashion stakes. This is quite a feat for an item that at first look belongs to another age. But the growing popularity of this type of footwear means that cheap Uggs are readily available now and you too can be sure to stand out in a street full of people.

In order to understand the look of the Ugg boot we first need to understand where they originated from. It is not known exactly where and when the first boot hit the streets but they were already a fixture of rural life among the sheep farmers of Australia and New Zealand back in the early part of the twentieth century. Australian pilots during the First World War also used them to insulate their feet when flying in sub-zero temperatures at altitude.

Nowadays in those countries "Ugg" has become a generic term as much as "shoe" so that no one company there can attain a patent. In the US and elsewhere this is not the case, where, in fact, the Deckers Outdoor Corporation holds the trademark for over one hundred countries.
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Re: I like Uggs
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