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The latticework designs are a bracing system to enable the soundboard to vibrate freely while giving support and structure to the soundplate.As the bracings intersect at angles and are meticulously notched one bar over another the soundboard is quite taut and well braced. The internal latticework enables the soundboard to be constructed thinner yet structurally integral.

At Sergeis the actual lattice patterns are available for use that the De Jonge Luthiers have developed and yet Sergei does not hesitate to let you modify or redesign your own lattice patterns. Starting off thicknesses for a classical run between 2.2 to 2.3 mm. Bar bracings run a range from 7mm x 15mm for main bracework to 3mm x 6.5 to 3mm x 4.5 for secondary bracings.For the backboard...traditional horizontal transverse bars are used ..at any where from 12 to 15mm high and 7 to 9.5 mm thick.Bars are tapered to about 2mm at ends which are notched into the tentalones and ribs when fitted to the sides. The pattern I used in Oshawa was a modified splayed fan lattice..the pictures will show general layout and the spacings start from about 2' courses to 1 and ½ inches.

Aside from the soundboard...the guitar construction was typical of the Dovetail body to neck assembly of flattop construction.

Starting from selected woods ,provided by Sergei; we used East Indian Rosewood for bookmatched backs and end matched sides.Sitka spruce was chosen for the soundboards ; while Honduran Mahogony or Spanish Cedar was used for the necks.Headstock plates were made from matching East Indian pieces and the Rosette materials and design was left to our own imagination.I used a sectional Cocobolo ring outlined in green bindings to form a segmented Cocobolo Rosette.

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