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Oshawa ; a General Motors town about an hours drive from Canada's Toronto International Airport via a modern and congested roadway system replete with internal combustion transport vehicles piloted by seemingly experienced freeway commuters. Given a map of the United States, Oshawa is located on the upper right hand side of the map an inch or so above Washington D.C.; in a country called Canada. Yup...much miles away from Honolulu and indeed a passport is required. Oshawa sprawls out in repetitive patterns of industrial areas ,business hi rises , strip malls and a hodge podge of apartment complexes and residential homes; over and over forever. (or so it seemed).

The workshop/residence of Luthier Sergei de Jonge is nestled twixt an apartment complex and surrounding single family residences; yet only a block away from a General Motors Fender Production Plant. In a block's radius you can find mini convenience stores, coffee shops and yes...duly noted..the prerequisite Chinese Restaurant. However, only in Oshawa , this Chinese restaurant specialized in Take Out only....no tables nor chairs for sit down eating; just a service counter and the all important kitchen. Oshawa is a workingmans town...no two ways about that.

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