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718 Puuhale Rd.
Honolulu, HI

The Hana Lima 'Ia Ukulele Building Shop!

Radial Arm and Chop Saw

Entering through the 12 x 14 foot roll top you'll first notice hanalima's resaw station. This area houses a radial arm saw, chop saw, and drill press. The 18 foot counter is perfect for resawing stock material.

This area also doubles as a sanding and routing station. Hand sanders, drills, and laminate trimmers are ready to use on the shelves above. The cabinets below the counter store hanalima's assortment of bending forms and ukulele jigs.

We love pegboard! Every wall in the Hana Lima'Ia shop has been mounted with pegboard. There are never too many places to hang tools, jigs, blades, ukuleles, etc….

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