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PVC Gobar
Simple yet effective. These gobars are easy to make with a few basic tools. Gobars are primarily used to hold down a tone bar being glued to a soundboard.

Gobar Deck  

Gobar Deck Components
2 sheets 24" x 14" x 3/4" MDF or birch ply

4 each: 3/8" x 24" all thread rods

8 each: 3/8" nuts

4 each 3/8" washers

1. Drill 3/8" holes into bottom piece 1 per corner. Drill 1/2" holes into top piece. 1 per corner.

2. Thread 3/8" x 24" all thread rod into bottom piece at each corner.

3. Thread 3/8" nut onto each all thread rod . Insert washer over nut.

4. Place top board over 4 rods and rest onto 4 washers.

5. Thread locking nut onto each rod and tighten. Adjust heights as required w/nuts.

Gobar Deck  

Gobar Deck In Use:

At left the modified PVC/dowel gobar is shown holding a brace in place.

On the right side of the gobar deck a dowel/spring gobar is shown holding brace in place while glueing.

PVC Gobars  

Gobar Deck In Use:

Four spring loaded dowel type gobars holding in place a tone bar on an Ukulele soundboard.

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